In less than 2 weeks the 4YFN awards will take place during the Mobile World Congress week in Barcelona.
From hundreds of applications, the organization has selected 24 finalists in 3 categories. These will be split in three dedicated days being Disrupted by Mobile on Monday,Internet of Things on Tuesday and Digital Media on Wednesday.
The 24 selected startups will be pitching these days to investors, media, potential clients and the best qualified jury of experts and we will be there to listen them too ;).
For now, we introduce you these 24 finalists announced by 4YFN:

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Category Disrupted by Mobile

OffLA (Israel)
The Smartphone firewall for electronic payments.
A global location referencing platform – in just 3 words it identifies a 3mx3m square, anywhere on the planet and is far more accurate than a postal address!
Fruit Bull (Spain)
Provides real-time retail prices of fruit and vegetables.
Numbercom (Norway)
An Over-the-TOP (OTT) platform that offers free internet enabled telecom services tied to your mobile phone number, making sure mobile telephone numbers stay relevant.
Thing Thing (Spain)
A fast way to access digital things while chatting and emailing. This platform allows the user to attach documents, photos, calendar activities and more, meaning there is no need to switch apps!
Jack 45  (Belgium)
Provides a messaging service that allows the user to send messages that can only be opened when the sender decides!
Authenteq (Germany)
An automatic identity verification platform for online marketplaces, that eliminates risk and credit card fraud with digital biometric passports.
A mobile farm management and analytics platform with data from IoT that records all activities such as spraying, harvesting etc.

Category Internet of Things

Comfy Light (Switzerland)
The first light bulb that is able to detect unexpected movement at home via a sensor and  alerts you to what’s happening via your smartphone.
3.14 (South Korea)
Electronic hardware is combined with paper to create interactive paper toys, simply put, a paper robot hybrid.
The makers of Foodini, the first 3D food printer that is contributing to healthy living.
A revolutionary sportswear based on the embedded EMS (electro muscle stimulation) technology that helps every person to activate the full potential of the body.
Slock It (Germany)
An infrastructure that allows a person to rent, sell or share anything, without the middle man!
Cleen Been (Portugal)
A platform to monitor, evaluate and manage hand hygiene of staff, patients and visitors in hospitals with the aim to resolve bacterial / superbug & MRSA infections.
Develops mind tracking solutions that predict and identify personal behavior for clinical and commercial applications.
Hi Park  (Israel)
A platform that offers flexible crowd-sourcing and real-time street parking information.
CityCrop (Greece)
The first automated indoor system for hydroponic cultivation.

Category Digital Media

Pixoneye (Israel)
Develops image understanding technologies for the Marketing and Advertising world.
uCiC (Canada)
An app that allows a person to select anywhere in the world and reach out to fellow users, to request a real-time image.
A platform that offers multi languages in movies, wherever the person is in the world.
Snappers (Israel)
Perfect for bloggers, influencers, journalists! Allows the user to broadcast live video from an event without being there by connecting people at the scene; having them stream it direct to the user.
An Artificial Intelligence workforce for personal and/or business use.
Immfly (Spain)
An entertainment platform for the in-flight experience!
Civocracy (Germany)
An online civic network hub to connect stakeholders with people around the globe, encouraging them to solve issues by facilitating discussion, decision-making and engagement.
Flitchio instantly turns smartphones into a mobile game controller and a gaming console (through its cloud gaming platform i.e. Netflix for Mobile Gaming)
See you at 4YFN! Make your bets for the winner on the comments below!
Featured photo by Dan Taylor / 4YFN under CC licence.